Angela Lin

Volunteer Manager

Angela Lin a.k.a Dorothy Gale a.k.a The Adventure Seeker

Angela is someone who is always curious, thus she is always seeking adventure but home is the one place she loves the most! Like Dorothy, she loves making new friends and help out whenever possible. Angela has a love for dogs, although she does not have a dog herself, she would love to have a loyal companion like Toto!

In her free time, she loves to relax at home and binge watch her favourite TV shows. The latest show that she is binge watching is Grey’s Anatomy!

Prior to George Brown College, Angela studied social sciences at the University of Toronto but realized that her real passion lies within Event Planning. After finishing up her second year at University of Toronto, she decided that it was time for a fresh start! She took a risk and pursued her passion and she is loving the Event Management program here!