Jae Kim


Jae Kim a.k.a Akatsuki a.k.a the Ninja

Jae is someone who hates wasting time so he’s always trying to be creative with various things. For example, when he has some time to kill, he makes clothings, draws, or meet people. He goes out everyday and meet people.

He also loves animes and movies and he’s deep in Japanese culture as well. Onepiece and Naruto are his favorite animes. He’s been watching Onepiece since he was 8 years old and he said when Portgus D. Ace died, he cried a lot 🙂

Prior George Brown College, He graduated High school in Korea. Since he lived 18 years in Korea, he wanted to live in a new country and environment. Thus, he decided to moved to Canada and started to take Event Management program in GBC that he’s always wanted to learn.