Kenya Ross


Kenya Ross a.k.a Storm/Ororo Munroe

Kenya is a very friendly, outgoing, creative individual who since she
was born was always very passionate about the art world.

As a descendent of a long line of African Priestesses and Sorceresses
from Kenya, Storm’s life was filled with plenty of successes and
hardships which related to her own in some ways. Due to her powers
being tied to her emotions and because she is completely in-tune with
the environment, Storm must keep a tight rein on her emotions to avoid
them influencing the surrounding weather. Much like Storm she is
strong and passionate about whatever she sets her mind too.

She originally went too George Brown College for graphic design
thinking that it would be a great outlet to utilize her artistic
abilities. However, she found that she couldn’t fulfill her dreams and
create things she envisioned. Currently she attends George Brown
College for event management where she can apply her love for social
occasions and creative abilities to produce a successful, entertaining